2021 New Fragrances in stock soon. RIVER 7 Soy Wax Candles

2021 New Fragrances in stock soon. RIVER 7 Soy Wax Candles

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Candles bring a sense of calm to my life during overwhelming and stressful times and I enjoy nothing more than lighting a scented candle or two to relax and unwind.

I hope you enjoy our handmade candles, hand poured in Shropshire, in house by small batches, using premium fragrances and finest natural soy wax. Vegan friendly. 

* natural soy wax 

* vegan friendly 

* without parabens

* 120ml / 180ml   25/45 hours burn time 

*  handpoured into Amber apothecary jars with black or  silver lids 

The amber apothecary jars when finished make simple understated bud vases or useful to store small bits and bobs.

Soy Wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax making it more eco-friendly.

We use cotton eco wicks and recyclable kraft boxes and glassine bags.

Once your candle jar becomes empty, just wash out with hot soapy water and reuse.

The empty jars make simple bud vases or storage jars for your bits and bobs.

Candle safety / Tips
Never leave a candle burning out of sight or near any flammable materials

Keep out of reach of small children and animals
Always place candle on suitable heat resistant surface

Please note: the small glass jars become very hot to touch so please leave to cool before handling the jars.

Trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time before lighting your candle

To ensure an even burn each time allow the wax to burn across the entire candle (this can take approximately 1-4 hours dependent on the size of candle)

Enjoy.... x