Ombré Green Ceramic Oil Burner

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Earthy green ombré design ceramic oil burner. An understated burner to blend effortlessly in your home. 

* Size 11cm x 9cm

Wax Melt/ Burner Advice / Care :

 Please ensure you use an oil /wax burner suitable for use.

*General rule of thumb:  burners suitable for wax melts are larger in size with a larger melting top/bowl/dish. If the burner is small in height with a small melting top dish, these should only be used for oil warming.

*Also the height of burner (distance between t'light and top  of burner where wax melt is placed) should be taken into consideration. The bigger the distance between the two, the safer it will be to use wax melts in your burner.

* PERSONALLY  I only ever light my wax melt burners for one hour at any time for the following reasons;

-  firstly, once the wax melts have melted and scent throw has circulated around the room/home, I blow out the t'light to enjoy the continued scent throw. The wax is still hot and melted so will continue to scent throw around your room. Also this will prolong the use of your wax melts at any one time. 

_  secondly, I always melt two of my star melts at a time 

as this ensures that the top melting dish on the burner is fully covered with liquid which prevents the dish from being overheated by the burning t'light. 

-thirdly, I am a little over cautious when it comes to bare flames in the home so as a safety measure, I only burn my wax melts for an hour at any one time. By all means let the wax reset and relight again a few hours later if required. 

-  finally, once the fragrance has disappeared from the wax melt you will need to clean the burner as follows:

melt the wax again, let it cool slightly, then using some kitchen roll or cotton wool carefully soak up the used wax and discard of responsibly. You are ready to use your burner again.