KEW Botanical Intensive Hand Cream

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This deeply nourishing intensive hand cream treatment absorbs beautifully into the skin. Cocoa butter, avocado oil and vitamin E help to restore skin elasticity, hydrate hands and strengthen nails.

Available in two fragrances: VEGAN FRIENDLY 

KEW Botanical Herbis (light floral fragrance, infused with herbs and a hint of citrus)

KEW Botanical Amore (floral top notes of white jasmine, sandalwood and amber, lightly sweetened with creamy coconut and rich berries. 

Size: 75ml

With a shared appreciation of the plant world, Fikkerts have been able to recreate the uplifting effects of Englands' most famous gardens with the latest range.

This beautiful collection is both fresh and contemporary.  The eye-catching packaging has been inspired by the fragrant gardens at KEW and incorporates stunning illustrations and sketches taken from original, botanist archives.

The collection includes bath, body and gift sets, available in each of three perfected blended fragrances: Amore, Flores and Herbis. 

Recognised, world-wide, for their pivotal role in safeguarding the world's plants and flowers, Royal Botanic gardens KEW are a true source of national pride. This range is a celebration of the work they do, helping others to discover the treasures of our natural world.